Terra - Cargo Ltd.

Address: 9700 Szombathely,
Puskás Tivadar str. 3.
Fax: +36-94-500-499



The Kőszeg based Terra-Cargo Ltd. international transportation company was established in 1998. Our company has an experienced and energetic management which keep the trustworthiness and quality in view, and it’s aim is high-quality „just-in-time” service of the partners.

It’s important for us that the goods entrusted by our custumer should reach its destination in a proper condition and set period.

Thanks to our experience gained in the field of international and national transportation our company has been improving since its establishment.

We operate 41 trucks altogether and moreover we keep regular contact with several subcontractor.

Our forwarding agency disposes of CMR-insurance - in the interest of the safety your goods - to the amount of 300.000 €.

Our profile is primarily the international relations, but we undertake inland transports, too.

Our firm - on demand of 2 drivers - sends your goods fast and regularly into any countries of the EU.



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